All-in-One System

Capital Factory has an original product that was designed and is manufactured right here in Corozal Town, Belize, that will make securing your house easier than ever. You will be protected from thievery as well as from hurricane winds, with a minimum of effort. We can make them in varying as well as custom sizes. They are designed for windows and doors.

This product has a galvanized framing, and aluminum on the sliding windows and screen. It is simple and easy to secure in just minutes, from inside the house, whether you are leaving for hours, days, or months. Sizes available are:

We call it the All-in-One system, and it has sliding windows and screens, as well as a roll-up shutter. It can be secured from inside, making your task much easier. Maintenance and cleaning for your windows will be minimized. And you will not have to rush for plywood when there is a hurricane warning!

Below is this product installed as a door. You can see it from the outside, from the inside, and with the shutter closed.

Here are more images of this product.

Drop by our factory on the highway, just out of Corozal Town on the way to Chetumal, and let us show you this unique and original product!

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