Capital Roll-Up Doors

Capital Factory makes the finest metal shutters you could want for the large openings for your business or your home. They have a factory baked-on finish, they work on a bearing system and function smoothly, and are available with either manual or electronic operation. Here are just a few examples.

For roll-up doors we have American style, Mexican style, and Hurricane Shutters.

ROLLING DOORS As manufactured by Capital Factory, these shall be of service style and operated by means of manual push-up or motorized.

CURTAINS These are composed of interlocking slots of (22 gauge) GAVALUM material. There is baken on factory white paint, slots locking with with (16 guage) GALVANIZED end locks. The bottom of the curtain has reinforced angle iron.

COUNTERBALANCE ASSEMBLY This consists of helical torsion springs, bearing 7" galvanized wheels, and 1.5" steel pipe. All preassemble and tension done at Capital Factory for manual push-ups. Motorized versions consist of plates no less than 3/16" with self-aligning ball bearings for suspension of the 4" steel pipes. Brackets are mounted on walls with angle supports and welded straps for mounting of the hood.

GUIDES These consist of 14 guage GALVANIZED steel, brackets for mounting on wall are all welded at the factory, consisting of 1/8" and 1 1/2" angle iron cut and drilled to specific sizes.

HOODS Internal frames made of steel pre-welded to sooth size of curtain. Gavalum pre-painted, sheeting bent to sooth internal frame (optional) on manual push-ups only.

LOCKING Consists OF 3/16 X 1/14" flat steel, pre-form with 1/2" hole welded on bottom of reinforced angle iron on both sides. There is a self-locking gear on motorized systems.

FINISHING All finished with one coat of red Rust-Oleum paint.

How To Measure for Metal Doors
You may check this website for instructions on how to measure for metal doors.


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